About me …

Petri Leskinen, Espoo, Finland

Architect, 43 years-of-age, longtime (vic20, C64, Amig… etc) computer graphics enthusiast – somehow never seem to get enough of it ?


Some more programming experiments I’ve done in Flickr :

pixel bender :

actionscript :


  1. Cool works man. Some are very inspiring 🙂 Would be cool to add rss feed support to this blog.

  2. agree with wonderwhy-er: nice works, interesting calculations >> rss?!

  3. Thank you both for the comments !

    rss: https://pixelero.wordpress.com/feed/

  4. hi,
    flash is growing, it is frightening for me and this site made me feel scared because of that 😉 very useful samples, thanks for your efforts. and with your guide, my confusion that makes me feel scary;) is decreasing.

  5. hi,
    indeed very neat, very inspiring and damn useful 🙂
    thanks for sharing and taking time to explain.
    keep it up!

  6. Vortex of Neon Perlin Noise is stunning! NJ Man!

  7. Awesome work. Worth subscribing too..so i cant find the RSS feed. Can you please share it.

  8. Hi, I really love your site! some beautiful works of pixel trickery 😀

  9. have u got exp in demoscene? 🙂

    • @Alexander: not much, mostly been like a personal interest or hobby for me !

  10. Hi again:)
    Recently observed yr PerlinNoise swf. It’s good)
    What about 3d? I have some ideas about it. But as u i don’t have enough free time. May be we can make somethink good together?:) What will u ask?
    I inspect alternativa product: http://blog.alternativaplatform.com . It’s impressive, but i think they choose wrong way. They use realtime BSP tree. But it’s bad for complex animation. The right way is “DX/GL API” way. Use normal ZBuffer. The base concept:
    1. Prepare geometry;
    2. Transform to view plane use AS local3DToGlobal;
    3. Resterize by hand into BitmapData;
    4. Render interpolated BitmapData by AS;
    5. For Per pixel shading we have to use PixelBender. We can pack some information into RGB like position, normals and so on.
    6. After all if speed will not impressive we have to optimize by Alchemy, but i think this is so “not ready for world” tool.
    7. and of course we can always use 16p16 fixed point math.

    If u r intersting just email me:)
    with BR, Alexander

  11. Hi. I tried the plug-in in After effects….is there a way to make the window the same size as the comp? When I apply the filter, it looks fixed in the upper left-hand corner of the comp at what looks like 320px x 240px


    • sorry…..I meant to specify the MetaBlobs effect in After Effects

  12. awesome experiments. I was wondering how you did the caustics effect on the header of your website. have you done a post about it? or if not, would you be happy to share this code?


    • It was with an actionscript code. I haven’t published it, at least not yet. It is though a bit too slow for any real time processing, but I’ll think about it …

  13. Hi,
    Why did you stop publishing?

    Your posts are really good, keep giving us the good stuff.

    • Hi and thanks for your comment. Don’t worry, I haven’t stopped posting – recently I’ve just posted quite rarely, I know.

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