Posted by: pixelero | November 17, 2011

Pixel Bender: CubicSpace

Click on the images above to go to the demo.

Basicly it’s all about ray tracing on a rectangular grid: finding the intersection with the next cell wall:

The projection used is like in panorama cameras, a cylinderic one. Try setting the parameter ‘focal length’ to a very small value and you’ll see things getting really ‘Escher’ or ‘Piranese’:

I admit it is a bit slow on performance …

View the sources here.
Download sources.
Pixel Bender -source code.
Source for Flash Player.


  1. Very cool stuff!
    are you thinking to port it to molehill?
    it would be veeery nice

    • Well maybe, it was an old code written ~before molehill, that I just finished.

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