Posted by: pixelero | May 6, 2011

Pixel Bender: Complex Circle Pattern

This filter is probably the weirdest combination of complex inverse-maths and circle packing I’ve ever coded.
The rational function evaluated here is z= d/[(z-a)(z-b)(z-c)]. This kind of mapping on complex plane are conformal – that means the angles remain the same.
In the demo you can change the parameters a,b and c by dragging the blue grips on stage.
Where parameter d as a complex number is located on the unit circle |d|=1, is has the effect of rotating the output.

Click on above image to go to the demo, and have fun modifying the parameters. But hey, warning and please be careful: The results might get really artistic sometimes:

View the sources here.
Download sources.
Pixel Bender -source code.

Pixel Bender -filter.


  1. […] See the article here: Pixel Bender: Complex Circle Pattern […]

  2. wow, that’s absolutely amazing, very beautiful

  3. Wow. As with all your stuff, this is very good. But this one in particular is very extra fucking good.

  4. awesome job!
    Enjoying every letter of it! 😀

  5. wow!
    Great work!

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