Posted by: pixelero | December 30, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

link for demo

Flash Player 10 demo with triangulating a textfield and adding a extrusion …



  1. Damn Petri,

    I think it is holiday season right now. People relax, have a drink or two, enjoying snow (and things like that)…

    …so not sitting in front of their PC and doing crazy flash stuff. 😉

    Happy New Year

  2. Happy New Year!

  3. Hello,
    Happy new Year 2009 !

    your blog and your works is the best discovery I made recently.

    Christmas isn’t easy for geeks. Between partys, I try to understand your FP10 Tunnel code.

    Thanks, you motivate to go further.

    (hum..I just realized that UVT Mapping, of a cube was impossible with only 8 vertex in fp10…grrr

    See you on 2009.

  4. Hi there,

    How did you go about triangulating and extruding the text? In a 3d software or pure actionscript? If the latter, big applause! …and how did you go about doing it? I’ve been trying to do the same, with varying results…

  5. Thanks for commenting … and applause !

    … yes, I’ve seen the interesting “SoTexty” stuff on your blog – and the discussion you had with Quasimondo of finding the first opaque pixel !

    Likewise I’ve been trying to do the same, with varying result as well, it’s actionscript starting from a bitmapdata – so far it’s a bit painful routine: first applies a convolution to get the edges, then goes though the pixels with a scanline polygon triangulation routine – like in page 22-.

    I haven’t posted the code yet: so far the routine has some problems with edges – see like for instance bottoms of alfabets ‘p’

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