Posted by: pixelero | October 30, 2008

Cellular Automata dressed for Halloween …

… demo with some ghostly looking CA:

… the algorithm is a variation of Constant-Addition Continuous CA, with some rotation added.


  1. This looks great.

  2. Thanks for commenting, I see you’ve done plenty of great looking CA also.

    Btw I used the same ‘method’ as you described in one of your posts 🙂 , although it might have been saturday night.

  3. Nice 🙂 have you tried to create CA stuff with pixel bender yet.I saw an example of the game of life somewhere done in Pixel Bender. At some point I want to do a variation of Coral from the game of life lexicon rule(45678/3) with pixel bender.

  4. […] – Cellular Automata dressed for Halloween … saved by coachk2008-11-04 – EQ. Ed Pegg Returns saved by superuser2008-10-28 – Audio Damage […]

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