Posted by: pixelero | May 21, 2008

Tube View – with pixel bender

The Beta release of Flash Player 10 required! Slightly improved version of the code I wrote last winter

Here’s the older version with actionscript


  1. brilliant to see how fast this shader works within flash – pixel bender rocks!

    I´ve just startet playing with pbj.´s but I still have to accustom myself to the fact, that there are no for- or while-loops, Math.random or other standard´s I´m used to.

    So, lastly your snippets are good sources to cope with that.


  2. Yes, I think quite a lot can be done in spite of limitations …

  3. […] Read more […]

  4. Hi,

    We all think this is really cool, so I used it in the “Flex Cookbook” example of using pixel bender:

    I pointed them to your submission in the Adobe Pixel Bender Exchange to get the file. I gave you credit. If you prefer to have it removed, let me know and I will change it to one of my examples, like turning a square red. (Yours is way better.)

    – rob (adobe)

  5. Thanks Rob, that’s a great honor !

  6. Adobe Pixel Bender V.1.0.3 build 36

    ERROR: (line 0): ” : no language version found

    ERROR: (line 58): ” : evaluatePixel takes no parameters – this might be an old style hydra program

  7. Nice filter… and fairly fast!

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