Posted by: pixelero | May 7, 2008

some studies with perlinNoise …

It’s creepy, it’s haunted, it’s eerieNoise:

if that was scary, please join a perlinParty:

And the third one – I don’t know what it is, but it does look soft …

And some northern lights ?

And finally ‘Shaman’s Prayer’:
by Petri Leskinen



  1. nice one´s… 😉

  2. Very very cool stuff.

  3. “Shaman´s Prayer” would match perfectly as generated dynamic water-like textures in use with papervision3D or other 3d.engines… 😉


  4. Thanks for commenting both of you !
    frank: I think it might be a bit too surreal for water-textures such as this

  5. …maybe a bit too surreal for real water-textures, but if you use this in an surreal game-like environment, it should fit very well. 😉

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