Posted by: pixelero | April 4, 2008

running water -effect

… based on the principles of metaballs in my earlier post with some particle -behavior and displacementMapFilter -effect added :


  1. leaks a little bit on fps-performance but looks pretty nice…

  2. Yes, 25 fps, 250 bubbles and four bitmap-operations such as copyPixels or applyFilter on two 370×500 bitmaps gets the most out of the processor …

  3. […] couple of days ago I saw a nice realization of liquids called “running water” by Petri Leskinen. Inspired by his work I started my own liquids simulation […]

  4. very nice work, we are waiting for version II 🙂

  5. Please, make water in Version 2 run not so fast. Just to enjoy the effect:)

  6. Is it possible to use in waterfalls?


  7. Hi, this effect is really cool. Is there any chance you could post the source file for this? I am looking to do something similar, but am a total flash novice. Thanks for any help you could provide!!

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