Posted by: pixelero | February 18, 2008

… wider range for displacementMapFilter

TubeView -filter
version in actionScript 3.0, using two DisplacementMapFilters

Blue Car tubeViewed

But why two displacementMaps ? ‘cos one can only shift a pixel
within a range of -127*scale to 127*scale pixels ! So that if the displacement needed is like for instance 205 pixels, why don’t handle 200 with one and the remaining 5 with another filter ?

The idea breafly with some extracts from the code:

// creating two displacementMaps,// we have the needed displacement (dx, dy),

// from that amount the lower bytes create 'dismapLo', the higher dismapHi

var green:int = dx*0x10 +0x8080; // multiplied by 16:

var blue:int  = dy*0x10 +0x8080; // smallest shift 1/16 pixel for better quality

dismapHi.setPixel(x,y, (green & 0xFF00) | (blue>>8) );

dismapLo.setPixel(x,y, (green & 0xFF) <<8 | (blue & 0xFF) );


// nb: the scaling of bitmaps !

var displaceHi:DisplacementMapFilter= new DisplacementMapFilter(dismapHi,

new Point(x-bmp.width,y-bmp.height),

BitmapDataChannel.GREEN, BitmapDataChannel.BLUE,

0x1000,0x1000, // larger shift !

DisplacementMapFilterMode.COLOR, 0x0,0.0);

// use mode ´COLOR´ gives the effect on the edges of the bitmap

var displaceLo:DisplacementMapFilter= new DisplacementMapFilter(dismapLo,

new Point(x-bmp.width,y-bmp.height),

BitmapDataChannel.GREEN, BitmapDataChannel.BLUE,

0x10,0x10,	// smaller shift !

DisplacementMapFilterMode.COLOR, 0x0,0.0);

bmp.applyFilter(bmpOriginal,new Rectangle(0,0,bmp.width,bmp.height), new Point(0,0) ,displaceHi);

bmp.applyFilter(bmp,new Rectangle(0,0,bmp.width,bmp.height), new Point(0,0) ,displaceLo);


… my first actionscript-blog posting, stay tuned for more to come


  1. So interesting…. Thanks for this sample.

    I’m trying to achieve a simple horizontal flip with the displacementmap filter but with no success. Basically I’m using a white-to-black gradient but I can’t get the flipped image. Can you give me any hint?

    Lots of thanks in advanced.


  2. Ok, thanks for your comment.

    Hint 1:
    … as an example some code for reflecting upper half of the stage, MainTimeline, frame1:

    // actionscript 3.0, code example
    // anything for drawing something on the stage

    // dimensions of the stage
    var w:int = stage.stageWidth;
    var h2:int = stage.stageHeight/2; // half the stage height

    // matrix for a vertical gradient
    var gratrix:Matrix = new Matrix();
    gratrix.createGradientBox(w, h2, // width,half the height,
    Math.PI/2, // rad for 90 degrees
    0, 0); // translate, in this case start from origin point

    // temporary sprite for drawing the fill
    var gradSprite:Sprite = new Sprite();,
    [0x807F, 0x8000], // green constantly 0x80 - no replacement, blue transfers from 127 - the above pixel - to zero,
    [1, 1], // alphas, not significant
    [0x00, 0xFF], // ratios, linear fill
    gratrix );,0,w, h2); // fill, half the stage size;

    var displaceBmp:BitmapData = new BitmapData(w,h2,false); // half the stage, no alpha channel
    displaceBmp.draw(gradSprite); // copy gradient fill to bitmapdata

    var displacer:DisplacementMapFilter = new DisplacementMapFilter(
    new Point(0,h2), // locates this filter below the horizontal middleline
    BitmapDataChannel.GREEN, // displacement in x-direction
    BitmapDataChannel.BLUE, // displacement in y-direction
    0.0,4*h2); // scales, in this case only the blue component matters

    this.filters = [displacer];

    Hint 2:
    I guess with PixelBender lots like this will be a whole lot easier: Adjusting displacementFilter for precise result can be a bit annoying, this tube view came out surprisingly well, but when I tried like a fish-lens or spherical effect, it did look good at all.

  3. Lots of thanks pixelero! I will try it later.

    I agree; with PixelBender this will a lot easier, but the problem is that I can’t use it in my project (I must use a BitmapFilter and, as you said , is very annoying – to say the least – to configure a displacementFilter to work “exactly”).

    Will post the results.

    Lots of thanks!!


  4. Hi again,
    I’ve tested the code and the result is the same as I could get; the image appears flipped but I think that only works for images smaller than 255. For bigger ones I see “bands” that aren’t flipped.

    I’ve upload a sample:

    I suppose that the problem is that we can’t detect more than 255 levels of the same color…

    Have any clue?

    Thanks again!

  5. In this example you use two displacementMaps for the same reason, isn’t it? But I’m using a class that (for project requirements) has to return a single BitmapFilter, so I can’t do an approach like yours…

    Oh, i’m getting desperate right now…

  6. Yes, having only 128 or 256 levels does cause the bands.
    Btw, why does it have to be DisplacementMapFilter ?
    If it’s only mirroring the stage, aren’t there some other ways of doing that, maybe BitmapData.draw(stage)?

    var w:int = stage.stageWidth;
    var h2:int = stage.stageHeight/2;

    var reflectMap:BitmapData = new BitmapData(w,h2, true, 0x00); // half size again
    // reflectMap.draw(stage); // or addEventListener…

    var reflectBmp:Bitmap = new Bitmap(reflectMap);
    reflectBmp.y = stage.stageHeight;
    reflectBmp.scaleY = -1.0;

    addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, enterFrame);

    function enterFrame(e:Event):void {
    reflectMap.fillRect(reflectMap.rect, 0x00); // this line is necesserly if animated with transparent parts


  7. Yes, this way is a lot easier, but I have an image editor and -for project limitations- I need to use BitmapFilters.

    I was thinking into extending the DisplacementMap filter or to create a whole new one but sincerely I don’t know how to begin.

    Anyway thanks for your time and effort

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